Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Example of Exposition Text

This is the example of exposition text (hortatory and analytical). I made the article by myself. Check it out :

How To Be A Smart Student

Do you know how to be a smart student? To be a smart student, actually it is very easy. The way can be done by all students across the world. This means, we can all be a smart student.
The first way that we can know is, believe and are sure that we are smart and can do anything. We believe that we can do everything that we can although many obstacles that face. We are also confident of our own potential. That shouldn’t namely comparing our potential with other person. So, that makes us insecure.
Then, not forget we also have to study diligently and routinely. With study routine, we can become smarter. Our brains are being refined every day. Do you know ? When you hone your brain every day routine, your brain can store trillions of memory even that will be more. So it can’t be counted by humans. Even more than a computer store millions of files in that CPU. So, we know that our brain more fabulous than other advanced things in the world.
Actually, in this world, no children were born stupid. It's just that they are lazy to hone their brain and too lazy to study. There are also people around us were stupid just because insecure with theirself. They shy of their potential. And also they are embarrassed to ask anyone else. But, some people, who are born more smarter. Indeed, they've basically given the excess since born. But still we have a surplus must also be honed.

If Hortatory Exposition : 
All people was born smart. And no people who has stupid brain. So, I recommend to all student in this world, especially student of Indonesia to study diligently and routinely. Then we must to be confidence people of own potential each other.

If Analitycal Exposition :
So, there is absolutely no difficult thing in trying to become a smart student. It is just that you have to believe that you can and always try in all of condition.

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