Sunday, 6 April 2014

Wat Da Pink ?

Hello guys...
I'm so sorry for this very very late post. I had so many school activities. 'Cause now I'm in grade 9th of junior high school. I'm so busy and I've been doing try out and some test at my school. And I'll do National Examination on 5th may, dammit. Forget it.

So now I've an idea of 'clothes mix and match' I addicted with pink, I tried mix some of my 'pinky' clothes collection ye-ah.

As I know, top like sweatshirt is booming now. It's like "must-have" top for teenager.

And I also wore my "neon" running shoes wo-hoo!

I used "Bun!" hairstyle to give sporty detail.

Top (pink): Nevada (sweatshirt) // Skirt (peach): online shop // Stocking (black): Sox Galeri // Shoes (neon orange): Nike // Accessories: Ribbon band (stroberi) and Hello Kitty bracelet.

xoxo♥, ichaw...

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